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MF, masturbation

Excerpt from Willow

by Madison Langston

Story Number 5 of The Erotic Adventures of David Farrell

Willow echoed Terri’s moans as she vicariously experienced the scene in front of us. When both of her hands moved down across her abdomen to find a home between her thighs, her expression told me she desperately desired the penetration Terri was enjoying.

Her pink tongue came out and moistened her lips. I leaned close and whispered. “You’re so sexy like that. May I kiss you?”

Apparently, she’d known I was there all along, for without looking at me she said, “Yes, please.” Her voice made husky by lust.

I kissed her cheek then her jawline. When my lips reached the soft pulsing spot on her neck and felt the rapid beating of her heart, she took a sharp intake of breath. I sniffed up to her ear and along her hairline to her temple, taking in the fragrance of her skin.

Watching her touch herself this way was an erotic treat, and my lust threatened to overtake hers. I’d never wanted intimate contact with anyone as much as I wanted it with this tender, sensitive young thing touching herself slowly but firmly.



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