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Writing Erotica Under the Influence

Posted 3/11/19

No, I don't mean drugs or alcohol! I mean getting turned on while writing an erotic scene.


Do I get turned on by writing erotica? Of course, I do. Feeling what your characters experience is critical no matter the genre. Sometimes I turn myself on intentionally, in order to write an erotic scene. How do I do that? I usually find a favorite scene somewhat similar to the one I'm trying to write. I find my own work better for me, but I've selected something from other author's work, as well. You're looking for the mood of the piece—the feel—not the words. (caution: be certain you don't use the same phraseology even if you're using your on work for motivation. That's cheating, and if the piece belongs to someone else, it's plagiarism) After reading a few sentences, I usually find myself primed to write a scene with feeling.


I’ve read sex scenes that read like the assembly instructions you’d find in an unassembled desk package you might find at a Target store:

Insert peg 9 in slot B, tighten screw X being careful not to strip the threads.

I’ve read sex scenes with just about that much feeling. Scroll through erotic titles on Smashwords or Amazon and you'll find dozens.

True, you can’t have sex without action, but most of us do it for the feeling, not the exercise.


Remember, when writing erotica, the actions are important, but without the feelings, it will be a pretty dull scene. If the writer isn't excited by the scene how excited do you think the reader will be. Not much, I think.

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