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MF, masturbation, oral, heterosexual sex, first-time male

Approximately 10,400 words

Excerpt from THE THREE OF US

by Madison Langston

Matt felt the pressure in his loins expand and realized it was happening again. Beginning to be a regular thing, he mused. Previous dreams about Vivien had never been this real. If he didn’t know better, he’d swear she was stretched out between his legs, his cock in her mouth and his ball-sack in her hand. He didn’t care. Why interrupt a good thing? Be it night-dream or day-dream; it was too good to spoil.

Determined to let it play itself out, he moaned, savoring the bliss of a wet and warm mouth wrapped around his manhood.

His hips began involuntary movements, thrusting for greater depth. The ache intensified. He was almost there, right at the point where—

Suddenly he felt cool air on his wet dick and soft hands on his chest. Somebody—

Matt jerked awake and looked into Vivien’s face. She was so close he could feel her breath. She’d already straddled him, ready to impale herself on his erection.

Alarmed, he shoved with such force that she tumbled off the foot of the bed.

He scrambled off the side, scurrying away from her. “What the hell, Viv? Jesus Christ! What the fuck were you thinking?”

Vivien picked herself up and rubbed her bare hip. “Probably what you’ve been thinking for months, Matt.”

“What I’ve been thinking? I haven’t…”

She cut him off. “Oh, don’t bullshit me, Matt. You’ve wanted me since the first night Jon brought me home.”

Shit! Had he been that obvious? “I can’t do this, Viv.” He backed off a step. “What about Jon?”

“What about him?” She was coming closer.

“For one thing, he’s in love with you.” Another backward step.

“I know, and I love him, too.” She was so close he could smell her.

“But you just…” Another step back and he’d be in the closet.

She stuck her chin out and smiled. “No. I didn’t. But I tried.”

Damn, she’s beautiful. He’d imagined her naked before, but seeing her nude in reality nearly overwhelmed his resistance.

Standing at just over five feet, blonde and defiant, her trademark tousled hairstyle more out of control than usual, made him want to ignore his righteous attitude, throw her on the bed and taste every inch of her body.

He felt blood pool in his crotch again, but when she reached for his cock, he screamed. “God damn it, Vivien. Stop this shit and get out of my bedroom.”

She looked like he’d struck her. “Can’t we talk about it? Don’t you want to hear my idea.”

“Your idea? Jesus, Viv. How long have you been planning this? No! Just get the fuck out. My head’s all screwed up as it is.”

Vivien looked like she was going to reach for him again, then she withdrew her hand. “Okay, but I won’t apologize; this was inevitable. And before Jon returns, we’ll talk about it.” Turning, she left and closed the door.

Pulling on his pajama bottoms, Matt stacked both pillows against the headboard and lay back.

From the day Vivien moved into Jon’s bedroom, he’d worried that something would happen between him and Viv. His attraction for her was too strong to resist forever, but he’d never imagined she’d come on to him.

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