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MF, FF, MFFF, mild Bondage, masturbation

The House of Eve

A compilation of all five titles of

The Erotic Adventures of David Farrell

by Madison Lanston

Dawn's fingers touched my face, the same hand she’d been using to masturbate.


I inhaled.  Yes, her scent was still there.


She stroked her fingers across my lips. “Would you be interested in making love to me?”

Again I was taken aback. I’d thought Dawn innocent and shy, yet here she was propositioning me. I’d misjudged her big time. After I wiped the shock off my face and regained my composure, I took her by the hand and pulled her to her feet, saying, “I can’t think of anything I’d rather do. Shall we adjourn to the scene of the original crime?”

She gave a quick laugh and started for the hallway. “Let me take a shower, first.”

I held onto her hand, pulled her into my arms and kissed her on the mouth. She returned the kiss. She felt good—soft and tender—and I didn’t want the wonderful scent washed away. “No, don’t shower. I want you just the way you are, except the tee shirt and cutoffs, of course.”

By the time we reached the bedroom, she’d shed her tee shirt. I sat at the foot of the bed and picked up her white cotton panties. For a moment, she just watched as I held her underwear to my nose and inhaled her scent. Then she undid the drawstring for her loose-fitting cutoffs and let them drop to her ankles. I moved my eyes over her, taking in the details of her body, realizing that I hadn’t noticed just how sexy this girl was. Her breasts probably required a c-cup, sagging just the right amount to turn the pointy nipples gently upwards, stiff and erect.

Dawn stood naked, watching me for a moment, and then cupping her breasts, she took the nipples between thumb and forefinger and rolled them. Her expression grew more and more lustful, as with half-lidded eyes, she watched me devour her visually and breathe her scent from the used panties.

Unlike the luxuriant red mane that flowed down past her shoulders, her mons was smooth except for a small triangle of red fur ending where her puffy lips split and disappeared between two full thighs. When she turned to pick up the cutoffs, she stayed in that position for several seconds. My breath caught as I viewed her backside, a perfect view―pink and inviting, moist and pouting.

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