My Thoughts On-

My Definition of Erotica

For me, erotica is:

an exploration of the sensuality of sex.

For ages pundits, scholars, and critics have argued the difference between erotica and pornography. Most disagreements boil down to the difference between Art and Trash. I won’t argue with any of them. My opinion it’s irreverent. It’s all personal judgement. I've strolled through museums and viewed paintings exhibiting, according to the experts, high artistic qualities, and often enough I've found their Art my Trash.

​Personal judgement extends to everything. Name it and someone with consider it valueless while others will give it high praise.


It’s a fact of life that most erotic romance publishers insist on conflict in the stories they accept for publication. Many times, however, those same publishers will accept stories with an inconsistent plot, implausible characters, or unimaginable situations; I’ve read many like that, and I expect you have too. I love stories that show characters, initially in disagreement, resolving their problems, and I do consider conflict primary to most fiction. In erotica, however, I think not so much.

​To my way of thinking (using the above definition), in addition to the story’s character set, the only essential element in erotica is sexual tension that permeates as much as possible the entire story.

As concerns the erotic scene(s) itself, the erotic tension should remain unbroken throughout. Once the scene is set to arouse, anything that deviates from that goal should be cut.

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