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Excerpt from Jana

by Madison Langston

Our lives went along much as they had. It was near the end of fall quarter, so we were both busy tying that up and planning for the winter session. Most weekdays our time at home overlapped only briefly. When I was coming, she was going. Things slowed down around mid-December.

Jana had gone to the final get-together with members of a study group―not to study but to party. She liked the people in the group so I expected she’d be home late.

It snowed that day, and I choose to go Christmas shopping. By late afternoon, we had four inches of the white stuff spread over everything. The absence of wind let the giant flakes stack on trees, roofs, shrubs, and cars, turning the drab city into a winter wonderland. To me, one of the most beautiful times of the year is during and after a quiet snowfall, yet there was something about this one that made me melancholy. Knowing I was going home to an empty apartment made it worse.

By the time I got home, Christmas lights had illuminated every building in sight. The first thing I did was switch on the Charlie Brown Christmas tree Jana had insisted we decorate. The sad little tree did nothing to cheer me up.

I made a cup of hot chocolate, sat at my computer, answered a few emails, took a fast shower, put on my flannel PJs, stretched out on the couch, thought of Jana, and gave myself a quickie. Feeling better, I dozed off.

* * * *

My first thought was that a stray kitten had snuck into the apartment to nuzzle my ear. When I realized there was no cold nose and the tongue was warm and wet, I opened my eyes and found Jana lying next to me, nibbling on my earlobe. I wasn’t sure what to think. I smelled alcohol, not much, but I knew she’d had a drink or two. Rolling over to face her, I said, “Jana?”

With a smile, she pinched her arm and said, “Yep, I’m me.”

I looked at the clock. I’d slept only twenty minutes. “Didn’t you go to the party?”

“I went, had one drink and left.”  She snuggled up, and said, “I missed you.” She gave me a long kiss, and I felt a stirring between my legs. Only when I put my arms around her did I realize she was nearly naked. That and the way she kissed me left little doubt of her intentions. My pulse raced. I’d imagined our first time would be after an in-depth discussion about feelings and commitment and whether or not we would come into the open about our relationship. I hadn’t dreamed I’d wake up from a nap with Jana seducing me.

As she pulled back, her focus swung from my eyes to my chest, and she began unbuttoning my pajama top. I said nothing as she struggled through six buttons and laid my top aside. My bare breasts stared her in the face, and her expression darkened as she touched each in turn, brushing her fingertips frustratingly slow around and over my hardening nipples. I thrilled at her touch. I could have lain there forever watching her caress me with such fascination, but for months I been fantasizing about making love to her, and I couldn’t wait any longer.

Rolling her over me, I switched positions so that my upper body was over hers. I said, “I love you, Jana,” and took her mouth with mine, kissing her with a hunger that was almost painful. I kissed her face, her nose, her eyes and down across her neck to her firm pointy breasts, both pink nipples already tight. I kissed one breast, nipping gently, then treated her other to a round of the same. She groaned and thrust her chest up for more. I worked the tips with my tongue, and her moans increased.

Moving back to her lips, I savored her sweet taste, cupped her left breast and fondled the nipple with my thumb until she whimpered. Sliding my hand down to stroke the inside of her thigh, I discovered a garment. Looking down, I saw she still wore her heavy winter leggings.

Starting the kiss again, I slipped my hand under the waistband and discovered she wore no panties. At the top of her pubic mound, I felt a patch of hair and visualized its color the same shade as the hair on her head. As my fingers moved lower to caress her pussy’s outer lips, she gasped into my mouth. Her thighs spread wider, and the humid scent of her sex reached me, causing the ache in my own pussy to grow.

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