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FF, MF, foursome

Excerpt from Ginny

by Madison Langston

Story Number 5 of The Erotic Adventures of David Farrell


Eve took the lead by taking my erection in hand, giving it few strokes then, using it as a tiller, steered me backward to the bed and gave a gentle shove.

I offered no resistance and fell back on the satin sheet. Three sexy, aggressive women, wasted no time arranging me to their satisfaction in the center of the bed, with Eve on one side and Dawn on the other.

Propped on my elbows, I watched Ginny position herself between my legs where she nuzzled and stroked my erection using only her nose, lips and cheeks.

Rising a bit, she looked directly into my eyes and licked her palms. When they were slick and wet, she used both hands to apply several long, firm strokes from tip to base. She smiled at my intake of breath and teased the sweet spot just under the head.

When she took the first two inches of my cock into her warm mouth and sucked, I moaned and lay back on the bed.

On that signal, Eve and Dawn began their versions of pleasurable torment. Dawn tongued my nipples, and Eve hovered over me, alternating between licking my face and neck and probing my mouth with her tongue.

With Ginny’s handling below and Eve and Dawn coaxing twitches and tremors up above, I was soon on the verge of losing my load. I’m sure they realized that, but all three kept doing their thing, steadily driving me toward the brink. When I realized they intended to work me straight to a conclusion, I relaxed and let them do their magic.

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