Excerpt from Dawn at the Vineyard

by Madison Langston


My voice trembled, “No Mistress. I’m close, but I will not come until you tell me.”

“Good girl! But look what touching yourself has done to Tess, don’t you think you owe her some release. Come down off the table, Little Pussy, and present yourself for Tess.”

I realized then that I didn’t even know the names of most of my audience. I assumed Tess was the young woman next to Traci. She looked almost as aroused as I. One hand pinched a nipple, the other she clamped between her chubby thighs. I quickly decided it would be pure pleasure to give little Tess an orgasm.

Without hesitation, I slid down and took the position Abigail directed and awaited further orders. The room did indeed smell of sex, but in my position, my nose picked up a sweeter fragrance that made me think of a mixture of watermelon and raw cucumber. I wanted to get between Tess’s thighs to verify the source.

When it comes to a choice between oral sex and an ice cream cone, I prefer the former. I hoped Abigail had that in mind. I sneaked a peek under my lashes and saw that Tess and Traci were kissing, tongues entwined. But I noticed their eyes watched me, anticipating what I would be ordered to do. Traci had promised to join in, and I surmised sharing this tender young woman with me was her plan.  

At last Abigail ordered, “You’ve been a good girl so far, Little Pussy. You deserve a reward. I can see how much you want Tess. Go for it, do a good job and maybe there will be another treat.”

Tess’s thighs clamped her hand tight with a slight pelvic grind. I leaned forward, took Tess’s knees, and spread them wide. Her fingers remained curled in her pussy; I gently removed them from their slick abode and brought them to my face. One by one I licked them clean, confirming the watermelon/cucumber source, the taste was as fresh and sweet as the scent. Finishing the delicacy, I laid Tess’s hand on her abdomen and moved closer to the fount of that sweet nectar.

Tess’s moist, fragrant skin had me almost swooning as I kissed my way up and down and back again from her dimpled knees to the untrimmed blond curls of her mound. Yes! Salted raw cucumber, I thought, as I nudged my lips through the wet curls. I extended my tongue and searched her inner folds for that special bundle of nerves.

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