Excerpt from Dawn

by Madison Langston

Story Number 2 of The Erotic Adventures of David Farrell


As Dawn lay there, lips parted and eyes begging my touch, I leaned in close to her pussy and inhaled her heated scent. Yes, I thought. The real thing is better. She moved her thighs apart, for better access, and I inhaled again; this time her fragrance was more pungent.

The lips of her sex parted at the top, and I could see her hardened clitoris peeking through. I planted a wet kiss on the center of her lust and gave a few licks across her clit. Moving up, I devoted a moment tongue teasing her navel. By the time I’d worked my way across her stomach and rib-cage, she was moaning. I kissed every inch of her soft breasts, then teased the tips with teeth and tongue.




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Approximately 4700 words
MF, masturbation

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