The Three of Us -- $2.99

MF, masturbation, oral, heterosexual sex -- Approximately 10,400 words

Vivien finds herself in love with both her roommates. She shares a bed with Jon but realizes she is in love with Matt as well. Her passion drives her to misjudge Matt’s loyalty to his best friend, and she realizes she could lose both.
Matt’s feelings for Vivien begin the first time Jon brings her home. Her habit of standing so close that he inhales her scent with every breath and the way those wide-set blue eyes peek from under her sleep-tousled blonde hairstyle is maddening, but out of respect for Jon, he gives his private fantasies free rein only in his bedroom. When Matt discovers she wants him as much as he wants her, there is only one thing to do—move out. If he doesn’t, he is certain to have his face between her legs within a week, best friend or no best friend.

Family Picnic -- $1.99

MF, masturbation, oral, heterosexual sex -- Approximately 7000 words

Liam reckoned the annual church picnic would be just one more day of prayer meetings and worship. His expectations held true until his older cousin, who had quit the church years earlier, showed up to fulfill his dreams way beyond any fantasy he could ever imagine.

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