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This is a BDSM segment from

an untitled and (obviously) unfinished story

about sexual slavery in the United States.

Copyright 2018, by Madison Langston

Two days earlier Kendra had met Natasha in a bar and they’d hit it off. They’d talked and laughed and drank and laughed some more. Natasha’s sensuality and her commanding manner drew Kendra like a magnet. Natasha was three or four inches taller and her well proportioned body exuded not only physical strength but a sexual magnetism that Kendra couldn’t ignore.

When the conversation moved around to books, Kendra said, “I do read a lot. Mostly suspense and some romance. Recently I’ve been reading stories involving bondage. Have you read any?”

Natasha’s expression changed, her smile darkened. “Oh, I’ve read a few things. Have you ever tried it?”


“No, have you?”

“Oh yes! BDSM is a favorite kink of mine.” Natasha took Kendra’s hand, and, while looking into her eyes, squeezed, hard, almost painfully. “Would you like to try it?”

From the look in Natasha’s eyes, Kendra drew the conclusion that Natasha would be a Dom. There was something powerful in the way she touched her. The thought of being under the control of this beautiful woman caused her nipples to peak. “Since reading the books, I’ve thought about it a lot, but I’ve never had the opportunity.”

“Well, Honey, I’m your girl, if you want to try.” There was something demanding about the way she said this.

Kendra was hesitant to commit with someone she’d just met, but the little tart down inside her was excitedly jumping up and down. After a moment she asked, “Can we take it slow?”

“Not a problem, Sweetie.” There was a curl to Natasha’s smile she hadn’t seen before. “Actually slow could be the name of the game. If you’re serious about experiencing BDSM, we have to establish some rules. Why don’t we go to a wonderful little restaurant I know of near her and talk out the rules while we have dinner?”

Not waiting for agreement, Natasha stood, grabbed Kendra’s hand, and headed for the door.


During dinner, Natasha continued her seduction of Kendra with eyes and touches. While they were waiting for their orders, Kendra felt a bare foot, insert itself between her knees and caress her thigh almost to her crotch. It was arousing beyond belief, and she slid forward and spread her thighs. Her aroused scent wafted up from between her legs. She was disappointed that the exploring foot always stopped just short of her leaking pussy.

After dining and another glass of wine, they talked out the rules. Natasha was pleasant and agreeable to the limitations Kendra specified. Natasha’s pleasant attitude and the fact that she really wanted this, allowed Kendra to push aside any doubts. They agreed on limit as the safeword.

They’d driven separate cars, and after giving detailed directions to her apartment, Natasha went ahead to prepare.


Kendra’s ached with anticipation as she waited for the elevator to take her up to her first experience with BDSM. Her heart raced excitedly.


As she rode up, the excitement settled deep inside her belly. Kendra was used to the anticipation of one-night stands, a kind of emptiness, a hunger always took over and controlled her. But this one was different from all the others. She was going to experience what it was like to be bound and under the complete control of a strong commanding woman; she’d never been there before.

The elevator stopped, the door opened and she stepped into the foyer. There was only one door. Wow! her apartment must include the whole fourteenth floor, she thought as she pushed to door bell and heard the faint chime from within.






One of several unused opening scenes

from Madison Langston’s yet to be published novella, Second Chance.

Copyright 2017, by Madison Langston


They were deep into a stand of mature fir and cedar on the lower slopes of the Cascade Mountains. Jill had selected the setting not only for its natural beauty but also because of its remote location. It was far enough off the main trail to be virtually unknown to tourists, a fresh scene, seldom visited by sight-seers.

Looking down the short slope, Jill studied the scene with a critical eye. Rob lay on the grassy bank, his nude body cooled by mist generated from the foaming waterfall as it plunged into the pool from the rocky ledge twenty feet up. He lay flat on his back, right arm behind his head, right knee bent and left arm flopped across his stomach. It was the exact pose she had asked for, but something wasn’t quite right. Today was the last live session with Rob. She’d taken dozens of different poses of Rob. She could finish the painting from the pictures. No more today; the light was fading.

Besides, two hours in this heat while looking down at Rob’s hot body, had her clothes sticking and that pool looked refreshing. “Okay, Rob, that’s enough. Let’s have a dip, a beer and pack up.”

“Bout time.” Rob stood and stretched out the kinks. “Thought that knee was gonna’ have a permanent bend.”

Jill cleaned the brushes grabbed two cold beers from the cooler and headed down. She handed Rob both beers, kicked her shoes off and stripped to bra and panties. Without hesitation, she jumped into the pool and submerged. It was shockingly cold, but, in the absence of a cold shower, it was just what she needed. You can talk all you want about the objectivity of nude painting, but just try studying the hot body of a stud like Rob for two hours. Her head bobbed up just in time to catch Rob’s tidal wave, which swamped her again.

Shivering, Jill climbed onto the bank, walked a few feet to where a break in the trees allowed the sun to warm her and lay on the grassy slope. She and Rob had followed this routine each of the previous sessions. Today her horniness had gotten to her more than usual. Was that because this was their last session? Of course it was. For ten months she had abstained from sex with a man. She watched Rob walk out of the pool. His cock was even fuller; the cold water hadn’t diminished the size but invigorated it.

“See something you like?”

“Sure, I’ve been looking at you naked for three days now. If I didn’t like how you look, I’d ask you to cover it up. I have a question. Most men shrink when they’re not aroused. Why don’t you?”

“I’m an exhibitionist. Letting people look at me naked, is sexy. Keeps me half turned-on.” Rob lay down and put his arms around her.

His cock throbbed against her hip. She pushed back out of his embrace. “No, Rob. I’m sorry, but I made a promise to myself. No more sex with men.”

“You only do it with women?”

“No, no. I only have sex with myself.”




PIECE #1​​

A BDSM Piece that didn't make it into the Novella, Dawn at the Vineyard.

(names have been changed)

(Copyright 2018, Madison Langston)

Posted 10/17/18


Upon arriving at the Penthouse, Elizabeth let herself in, then quickly changed into her outfit for the evening: a black leather, open-cup studded bra and matching crotchless thong. She pulled her long blond hair into a twist and secured it on top of her head, pulling it tight, giving her eyes a more severe expression.

She kept the dungeon room in the ready at all times, but to make sure, she checked. The four-poster bed was equipped for bondage, the spanking bench was in the right position, and all the straps on the St. Andrews Cross were open and ready to go. The wall with the cross held a rack displaying a variety of BDSM equipment: restraints, cuffs, floggers, spanking paddles, nipple clamps and the like. Near the center of the room, two suspension chains hung down from the ceiling. She never knew beforehand exactly what she would be using, so it was important to make sure everything was ready. When the doorbell rang, she took one more glance at herself in the mirror by the door, confirming that her appearance would both beguile and intimidate.

Putting on her most domineering look, Elizabeth opened the door and looked down at the nervous young woman waiting there. She preferred to think of the young woman as a girl; it made the game she was playing more exciting that way. Elizabeth knew the woman was in her mid-twenties, but the softness of her body, her full red lips, those wide innocent blue eyes and the blonde hair cut in pageboy style, made her look years younger. For a long moment Elizabeth stared—no word, no smile. The girl reminded her of a cornered mouse afraid to run and afraid to stay.

It would be so good topping this one. Since she first set eyes on the girl two days earlier, she’d been aching for this moment. God, she looks delicious! I could take a bite out of her right now. Reaching out Elizabeth dragged her into the entry. The girl whimpered when the door clicked closed. Elizabeth stepped back, leaving the girl in the middle of the entryway, “Okay, Slut, strip.”

The girl’s face expressed shock at the abrupt demand. For an instant, she looked like she might bolt and run, but, then determination appeared in her eyes, and she stripped quickly, dropping her clothes in a heap by the door. As the girl removed her panties, Elizabeth took them from her hand and inspected the crotch; it was wet from her excitement. “You’re very aroused aren’t you, little whore.” Looking directly into her new sub’s eyes, Elizabeth brought the panties to her nose and inhaled.

The girl watched with fascination and moaned aloud.

“Thinking about ordering you to eat me out has kept me wet all night. On your knees, Cunt, make me come.”



Jess dropped to her knees and shuddered at the sight in front of her face. She shuddered again at the thought that she was about to make love to the hairy pussy of a strong, beautiful woman. She detected the pink clit peeking out of the bush and the drop or two of clear fluid clinging to the short hairs. Elizabeth rotated her pelvis for better access, and Jess moved forward, inhaling a mixture of damp leather and the scent of an open, unwashed cunt. The anticipation of what she was about to do made her pussy twitch with need.

“Lick it, bitch. Suck my pussy.” Still holding the girl’s panties to her nose, she moaned.

The girl reached around, grabbed a butt cheek in each hand and glued her open mouth to Elizabeth’s already weeping pussy, tasting the tangy juice, she pulled Elizabeth’s rotating pelvis into her face, smearing the wet over her chin and nose. She worked her tongue over the entire area from the perineum to the clitoris time and time again. Soon Elizabeth was gasping. The girl sensed the woman was about to come and nudged her mouth between the hairy lips and closed in on the clit sucking long and hard while attacking it with stiffened tongue.

Elizabeth took one more deep breath through the girl’s underwear and screamed, “Fuck!” Shuddering, she released a flood.

Startled, the girl pulled back, and the gush hit her chin and ran down between her breasts to puddle on the marble floor.

After recovering, Elizabeth stepped back, looking at the puddle she said, “Look what you did, you clumsy little bitch. Use your tongue and lick it up. Do it now.” There was no hesitation, Jess bent forward and greedily slurped at the now cold cunt juice. She shivered.



Wow, Elizabeth thought, she’s truly getting off on this.

Elizabeth snapped a collar and leash around the girl’s neck and led her roughly down the hall to the already open door of the dungeon. “Okay, slut, present yourself. As this is your first time, I’ll describe it. Down on your knees, spread your thighs apart, hands behind your back, bow your head and don’t look up until I tell you.”

The girl obeyed, looking vulnerable. She’ll be a perfect submissive, Elizabeth thought.

With a sadistic grin, Elizabeth noticed that the girl’s spread knees opened her pussy, causing her cunt to leak on the polished wood. Another reason to punish her, she thought. I’ll have her skin red and hot from the bend of her knees to her shoulder blades.


Elizabeth smelled the scent of female arousal and knew it wasn’t all the girl’s. Her own juices were leaking, running down her thighs. Taking a cane from the rack, she circled, letting the cane touch the girl’s back and neck. Stopping in front, she used the cane to tap each of the girl’s erect nipples roughly, making them tense more and causing the puddle beneath her pussy to grow.

Elizabeth knelt in front of the girl, and said, “Okay, slut, you can look at me, now.”

Jess looked up, and Elizabeth moved close, kissing her wetly on the mouth, invading with her tongue.

“Stand up, Slut. You know I have to punish you, not only for the puddle on the floor in the entryway but for that puddle you just created here. What do you think, little whore? Do you deserve to be punished?”

The girl looked reluctant, then said, “Yes.”

“Yes, what? How do you address me?”

“Yes Ma’am, I deserve to be punished. Please punish me!”

Elizabeth saw a physical twitch as the girl begged to be punished; it looked like something twisted in her stomach. Elizabeth knew how arousing it is for a sub to ask for punishment. “Very good, slut, stand. Get on the spanking bench so I can strap you in.”

The girl moved to the bench, looked it over then straddled the long padded bench, placing her knees where they belonged, her bum in the air, her chest and head resting on the front of the padded bench near the bar. Elizabeth strapped Jess’s wrists to the bar and ankles to the knee platform.

The humiliating position spread her knees which in turn spread her cheeks and revealed pussy lips and anus to her mistress’ gaze.

Elizabeth looked at the sight for a moment, knowing what the girl was feeling. She had felt it herself. The awful humiliation created a feeling akin to nausea even as the insides flooded with a lust that must be felt to be understood. Elizabeth stroked the soft unblemished skin of the girl’s back.

Elizabeth felt her sadistic streak arouse from deep in her gut. Just the thought of punishing the tender skin of a first time submissive, caused powerful desires to well up inside—the desire to inflict pain and watch the white flesh grow hot with red welts, the desire to smell the sub’s sexual arousal as the pain takes on an erotic element, the desire to push the sub’s lust to a level so intense that she pleads for sexual release.

Always before doing the deed though, she liked to give soothing attention to the skin and body she would soon mar with her whips and paddles. Leaning in, she breathed the fragrance emanating from Jess’s moist skin then kissed her way down to the twin dimples just above her cheeks.

Jess’s body was so soft and her mind so pliant that Elizabeth had an overwhelming desire to consume her, to taste her. She ran her nose into Jess’s crack and inhaled the scent there, shuddering as the bouquet reached her brain. Moving lower, she lapped at the leaking pussy and teased it with her tongue, moving back and forth between vagina and anus, licking, probing, sucking. The girl moved and twisted, trying unsuccessfully to get something solid against her clit.

After slathering her forefinger with drool from the sub’s pussy, Elizabeth placed the tip at the girl’s anal open and inserted an inch then withdrew. She repeated the action, inserting and withdrawing, until her entire finger was deep inside, turning and twisting. “You like that don’t you, little whore? You like my finger fucking your ass. You’d like me to fuck your cunt too, wouldn’t you, slut?”

“Yes, ma’am. Please fuck me? I need it.”

“No, slut. You don’t need it badly enough. You’ll beg for it, and when I think you need it, it won’t be my finger fucking you.” Elizabeth slowly removed her finger eliciting a moan of loss from the girl. “You have such a pretty little ass. So white and smooth. It’ll be such fun to make it red and hot. Are you ready for your punishment, little whore?”

The girl groaned and said, in a shaky voice, “Yes, ma’am. I’m ready.” On the last word she tensed, as though she expected the slap of the paddle, when nothing happened, Elizabeth saw her muscles relax slightly.

Elizabeth moved to the girl’s head and knelt. “One more thing, little whore, open wide. The ball gag will keep you from biting your tongue. We don’t want blood, just pain,” she said and secured the gag in place. Then without a word she unbuckled the girl’s ankle straps and detached the cuffs from the spreader rod, leaving the cuffs attached to her wrists. “Okay, my tasty little whore, stand up.”

The girl complied and was led to the suspension chains. Elizabeth attached a spreader bar at her ankles and clipped her wrist cuffs high up on the suspension chains. She was effectively immobile yet standing on her feet.

Elizabeth took a flogger from the rack on the wall and did a complete circle of the girl then moved in close, using her hands to stroke Jess’s face and neck, her arms, and back. She purposely avoided breasts and nipples then she moved down across the abdomen and knelt at her feet stroking Jess’s Ankles, the insides of her calves, then up the inside of her thighs. The scent of the girl’s sexual arousal was heady and thick. Elizabeth inhaled deeply enjoying the scent of the helpless but aroused sub. The girl’s pussy had leaked fluid down both thighs to the knees. Elizabeth picked up the moisture and rubbed it over the girl’s thighs and abdomen.

The flogging began gently; Elizabeth wanted the sensation to increase gradually. First, she concentrated on the thighs both front and back. The tender flesh flinched with each stroke. As she increased the force of her swings, girl’s whimpers became moans of pleasure.

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