About Madison Langston 

Welcome to Madison's Place.

​I live and write in the countryside near a small town in California. I write for no other purpose than to experience the thrill of bringing characters to life on a blank page. I try hard to make my characters and situations believable. I believe sexual fantasies are the life-blood of good sex. Most of my stories reside in the real world, but sometimes, as is often the case with flights of fancy, my characters tread in unexplored regions.

​Please be aware that all of my stories are highly erotic. On a continuum of 1 to 10, they would be near the top of the scale. To see for yourself, click on Excerpts in the menu and read samples from some of my stories.

​Don't forget to check out my Favorites page for links to other erotic authors I've enjoyed reading. When listed, many of the titles on that page were FREE. I apologize in advance if some are no longer free.

​If you enjoy my stories, please consider dropping me a line. It's wonderful to hear that my readers enjoy my work. Positive reviews are always much appreciated.

I hope you find something here of interest to you. Please return often.

​Happy Reading!



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