About Madison Langston 

Hi, I'm Traci, Dawn's lover in Madison Langston's Novella, Dawn at the Vineyard.

Madison asked me to Welcome you to Madison's Place and tell you a couple of things about him and his writing.

Currently Madison lives in the countryside near a small town in California, but over the years the places he has called home include: Yakima,Washington; Tokyo, Japan; Seoul, Korea; Harrison, Arkansas; Trenton, New Jersey; St. Paul, Minnesota; Cottage Grove, Oregon; and Hollywood, California. For the most part, his stories are set in those places.


Madison writes with no other purpose than to experience the thrill of bringing characters to life on a blank page. He certainly doesn't write for the money and never intends to become famous. He tries hard to make his characters and situations believable. He loves sex and considers sexual fantasies to be the life-blood of good sex. Most of his stories reside in the real world, but sometimes, as is often the case with flights of fancy, his characters tread in unexplored regions.

All of his stories are highly erotic. On a continuum of 1 to 10 (10 being the most explicit) they would be at or near the top of the scale, therefore, if you're embarrassed or offended by reading explicit depictions of sexual acts, or if you’re considered a minor where you live, you should not read the stories presented on this site.


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If you enjoy Madison's stories, please consider dropping him a line and telling him so, or reviewing one of his titles.

I hope you find something here of interest to you.

Happy Reading!


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