An excerpt from

A Sexual Revenge

by Madison Langston

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MF, masturbation, oral, heterosexual sex, Menage

Approximately 8500 words

​One of the things that I’ve always enjoyed about sex with Steven is how I can arouse him. I can usually bring him almost to the point of ejaculation, without ever touching him. Then when I do touch him, he goes off with very little coaxing. Having that kind of power over a man is fun. It also has its drawbacks. When I do this, I become almost as aroused as he does and inevitably have to take care of myself.

I opened his robe, and he shuffled it off his shoulders and lay back on the couch. I stood in front of him and began undressing, slowly. He was already erect, and I wanted to keep him at that level of excitement as long as I could. I wanted him to feel the pain of arousal before I let him come. At Ginny’s, I’d redressed completely, so it took a while to get everything off.

When Steven began stroking his cock, I stopped undressing. “No, Steven, if you touch yourself, I’ll stop.” He groaned but complied.

When down to my panties, I stroked the crotch into my pussy, picking up as much of my scent as I could. Then I removed them, brought them to my nose to make sure my scent saturated them―they reeked with the ripe smell of pussy. I tossed them to Steven and said, “Here, amuse yourself, but don’t touch your cock.” His cock twitched with each breath he inhaled through my panties. Precum overflowed and ran down his shaft into his blond pubic hair.

I watched as this sexy man, twice my size, writhed in front of me, sniffing my panties, drawing my heady scent into his nostrils. In his eyes, I could see his hunger grow, and my desire grew proportionately. I touched my breasts, abusing the already hard points, creating a swelling between my legs. I realized I was still turned on from watching Ginny masturbate. I decided to bring myself off before tending to Steven. I moved my right hand to my pussy, picking up the already flowing fluid and began tweaking my clit. My left hand alternated between my two needy nipples.

I remembered the expression on Ginny’s face as she made herself come. My orgasm started to build and knew it would be hard. Assuming I’d fall when the orgasm hit, I quickly dropped to a squatting position, legs spread, pussy wide open to Steven’s eyes. I finished the first orgasm then brought myself off two more times, finally collapsing in a heap on the floor.

I took a moment to collect my sanity before crawling between Steven’s knees. He was still inhaling through the crotch of my panties, eyes glazed, his mind immersed in some private fantasy.

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