$1.99 -- MF, masturbation, oral, heterosexual sex

Approximately 7000 words

Excerpt from A Family Picnic

by Madison Langston

MF, masturbation, oral, heterosexual sex -- Approximately 7000 words

She switched off the engine and turned sideways. “Well first, I wanted to thank you for defending me back at the picnic. That meant a lot to me. Second, I thought we might have a little picnic of our own. That all right with you?”

“Sure.” It just keeps gettin’ better. He looked around at their location. They’d stopped just beyond the grove of pines several yards from the edge of a cliff. When he looked out over the landscape, he recognized it. Though he couldn’t see it, he knew the river was at the foot of the cliff. He’d never been to this exact spot, but it was Buzzard’s Bluff, for certain. It was the only place in the county this high. The sun was behind the grove of trees, casting the whole area in shade.

They got out of the car, and Margaret popped the trunk. She picked up the blanket. “Bring the chest over here, okay?” She spread the blanket on a grassy spot several feet from the edge, kicked off her sandals and sat down. She lay back, leaned on one elbow and gazed out across the southern Ozark hills.

He set the cooler nearby and joined her on the blanket.

“You like beer, Liam?”

“No. Tasted it once, didn’t like it much.”

“It’s an acquired taste. I brought my favorite brand. Would you hand me one?”

He opened the chest, dug through the icy water and found something called Watneys. He’d never heard of it, but that didn’t mean much. There was an opener, and he popped the top and handed her the bottle.

She took a long pull and offered it back. “Sure you don’t want to try again?”

He really didn’t. He hated the taste, but the opportunity to drink from hers was too much temptation. He took it, looked at the moisture on the spout and placed his lips where hers had been. He swallowed a good mouthful, gave a little shudder, and returned her beer.

She took another swallow and lay flat on her back. “There’s Pepsi in there too, if you like.”

“Okay.” He cracked a Pepsi, washed the beer taste away, then matched her position. They were silent for a time. The breeze blowing through the pines brought the smells of nature on a warm summer afternoon. There was also the scent of the beautiful woman lying just inches away. His awareness of Margaret was more than mental, it felt like there was some kind of magnetism between them, and he didn’t know what to do about it.

Margaret rolled up on an elbow and asked, “Liam, would you kiss me?”

His heart skipped a beat. For a second, he thought he’d misunderstood. Even when he turned and looked at her, he wasn’t certain. “You mean…?”

“Yes, kiss me on the lips. Have you ever kissed a girl before?”

He shook his head.

“Would you like to kiss me?”

“I– I don’t think I’d be very good at it.”

“But would you like to?”

Oh Lordy! “More than anything.”

“Would you like me to start?”

He nodded.

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